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CD of Works by Michael Tippett, Francis Routh, David Matthews and John Rushby-Smith

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Performed by Margaret Field and Andrew Ball

Michael Tippett  The Heart’s Assurance (1951)

I. Song

II. The Heart’s assurance

III. Compassion

IV. The dancer

V. Remember your lovers

Francis Routh  A Woman Young and Old (1962)

I. Father and child

II. Before the world was made

III. For Anne Gregory

IV. The fool by the roadside

V. Her triumph

VI. Meeting

VII. From the Antigone


Margaret Field (soprano)     Andrew Ball

VI   Meeting     2’45”

VII   From Antigone       3’05”

David Matthews  The Golden Kingdom (1983)

I. A bridal song

II. Him I praise

III. Spell of creation

IV. Spell of sleep

V. Lament of Ahania

VI. Blue butterflies’ eyed wings

VII. Bright cloud

VIII. Oval the golden moon

IX. A fragment: to Music

John Rushby-Smith  Love’s Legacy (1994)

I. Justina and the nightingale

II. Lines

III. Remembrance

IV. Lament

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