The charity seeks to promote the works of British composers by supporting the performance of compositions that have been undeservedly neglected. We have so far awarded total grants of almost £10,000. Examples of the grants awarded are available here.

By providing grants, the charity focuses on the performance of new works and the subsequent performance of underperformed works, particularly chamber music, by British composers, including Francis Routh.

The charity supports a range of costs, normally up to £1,000, to facilitate the performance of deserving works by a composer, either living or dead, born in or resident in the UK. These can include:

  • Grants towards the cost of performance
  • Underwriting ticket income
  • Grants for typesetting/publishing material, including parts for performance
  • Grants for recording
  • Grants for the commission of new works with at least two (and preferably more) performances

There is a biannual process for the allocation of the grants within available resources which takes place in the Spring and Autumn of each year. We have tried to make this as simple and streamlined as possible. Given the demand for these grants, however, we are unlikely to support grants for performances within a month of the end of each application cycle (on the basis that such performances are likely to go ahead with or without the grant). Similarly, if the application is in respect of a work that features as part of a festival, we need to be confident that we are not being asked to supplement the overall festival funds. We are also unlikely to support applications for grants from composers in respect of their own works.

To apply for a grant please complete the short application form downloadable from the button below and send it to by the end of January or end of July. Decisions on grants are normally made within two to three months.

Full details of the process for the award of grants is available here.

The Terms and Conditions associated with the grant allocation process are available here.