We want the process to be as simple as possible

But inevitably their are a few dos and don’ts that are important; and we ask that you make sure you are aware of them. The specific details will be included in the formal grant award which recipients will be asked to sign to confirm acceptance.


We normally provide funding decisions for funding up to 18 months in advance; but for some long-lead projects, such as recordings, this can be extended. Grants will not be awarded retrospectively.


A condition of the grant is normally that the Francis Routh Trust and associated logo is acknowledged in the programme and any publicity material.


If, for whatever reason, the performance does not proceed in the timeframe envisaged, then we ask that any grant funding paid is returned. If the performance is postponed then, normally, this would require a further application.


It is an important element of the work of the Trust that we can publicise both forthcoming as well as previous performances. So we ask that you provide relevant links to websites and other material to enable this.